Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Follow Up

Hey everyone! I was just following up on our buisiness. This past Saturday, Emily, my dad and I went to the SPCA of wake county to donate the money. Our total was OVER $140! Thank you sooo much for everyone who bought from us. The organization appreciated the money so much. After we handed in the money, we went to the back where they have all of the pets up for adoption. We saw the most adorable kittens playing with string! They had big, sweet dogs but my favorite was the puppies. They were sooooooooooo cute! Emily and I wanted to take them all home with us! There was a tiny beagle curled up asleep and many other breeded puppies. Although many people were there looking at the different pets, they definitly appreciated our donation! It was so sad back there! Please everyone tell all of your friends about Jewels 4 Joy! We want our next donation to be doubled! :)


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